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"hi, I don't have a tiny dick -Nano "Oompa Loompa" 2017

" Oh... You were supposed to click that..." - Nano when talking about MLG Roster updates.

"Fuck you, Bitch" - Nano talking to SnufleUpogus

"Fuck y'all, you're fucking camping with a target finder" - The whole team

"CTRL, ALT, DELETE" - Rocket

"fuck yellow, fuck you" - Station

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An up and coming MLG team who's hoping to be added to the CWL circa in 2018 season. They're some of the closest friends I've ever experienced. They're some of the most hardworking people, who manage to have fun together even when they're supposed to be working. Though they're not exactly rated G, if you're fine with the crude humor and cussing these people are amazing to hang around with.

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